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The Parisian, Macau HOTEL REVIEW
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My name is Heidi, born in Hong Kong and raised in Britain. Growing up I have tried to live in both countries, and I've enjoyed exploring cultural differences from both places I call my homes.

My dedication for both travelling and photography was a hobby since before I started university. When I finally began to explore and fly to different countries once a month, I built this website to put together my passion to photographing sharing moments of my travels and tips I self taught from experiences abroad.

It IS possible to travel whilst working in a full time job if travelling is your passion, just like myself, and if it continues to excite you like it does for me. Don't waste the possible opportunities you are given to see this world for yourself - you will always find new places you have not been to before!

The first ever Muji Hotel, Shenzhen

The first ever Muji Hotel, Shenzhen

Shenzhen, China

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