Instagramable spots in Kuala Lumpur

3.1390° N, 101.6869° E

Kuala Lumpur was an easy-to-shoot location because it isn’t as overpopulated as some other cities, such as Hong Kong – where you can almost never find empty spots to shoot unless you hike.

Taking a trip to KL soon? These spots are not to be missed!

1. Batu Caves

3.2379° N, 101.6840° E

The Batu Caves stairs were previously stone grey; and painted in September 2018 into rainbow colours. This is a religious temple so be sure ot be dressed appropriately otherwise you will be told to cover up.

This is a very busy staircase during weekends and during noon. Come early to avoid the crowds, and on weekends if possible! Your camera man will need to stand at the bottom entrance to capture this shot. Doors open at 8am, which is when I took this shot.

2. Petronas Twin Towers

3.1578° N, 101.7120° E

This shot was taken in KLCC Park, if you type this in Google maps. The park is opened from 7am10pm, and has the perfect distance to shoot the Petronas Towers from, I wonder how it looks like during the day? If you come here after 10pm you will be kicked out.

3. Thean Hou temple

3.1218° N, 101.6877° E

Surprisingly, we took this at 3pm on a Saturday. Yes it was busy, but everyone is trying to get shade in the darker shaded spots, so the shots are pretty empty in uncovered areas like this. You don’t have to wake up at 7am for photos here!

4. KL Tower

3.1528° N, 101.7037° E

When you reach the top of KL Tower, their famous landmark, you will probably see a queue to take a shot inside this glass box. There are two glass boxes, adjacent to each other, one with the Petronas Tower view. Coming here anytime is fine within the open hours because each person gets 3 minutes to themselves to shoot as many shots as you want. Not to mention the views are very enjoyable even when you are queuing!

5. Bukit Nanas

3.1500° N, 101.7000° E

Walking back down from the KL Tower, you will see the Bukit Nanas treetops to your right, hitting two birds one stone! There are a few bridges linking the treetops, and this is the last one or the first one depending on which side you start from. Going here on a weekend late in the afternoon wasn’t very busy. We managed to get no one in the shot easily!

All my shots can be found on my instagram @heideexyz


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