The Parisian, Macau HOTEL REVIEW

The Parisian, Macau

22.1437° N, 113.5620° E

On the TAIPA side of Macau (China), you will find a modern ‘Cotai Strip’ similar to the famous Las Vegas strip. Just a little walk away from one another, each hotel feels like they are made from gold and I don’t even know how they compete being how glamorous they each are. This specific post is about The Parisian (the hotel theme as it says is based on Paris ) directly and linking are some other very famous hotels such as the Venetian, City of Dreams, MGM Wynn and Sands.
One of the things I really enjoy about coming to Macau from Hong Kong is how spacious, uncrowded and brightly lit it is at night. Would you feel the same too?
Starting by mentioning that the majority of the rooms are similar priced, differing mostly based on whether the room is facing the Eiffel Tower, or not. We only booked (and paid) for their basic room for a night over the weekend. The room was pretty modern as the hotel opened in 2016. With a shiny white marble and brightly lit bathroom (with both a bath tub and a shower), modern amenities, and most importantly if you book an Eiffel Tower view room, this is what you’ll see (excluding my bunny plush!). Please note the bed was also moved to the window only for photography purposes.


Location and Convenience:  9/10

Realistically, most of the bigger hotels owned by Sands would not be anymore convenient. The Parisian hotel itself doesn’t disappoint despite its size compared to its neighbours – it has its own mall, food court with many other restaurants around the mall, retail shops both high and low end, a casino, etc. but the main attraction fr me was the Eiffel Tower when in comparison to the partners along the strip. Did I mention the Parisian was also much less crowded inside the mall, casino, and the whole hotel in general. There are not any noticeable tours compared to the neighbouring hotels.
To the left of the hotel there are indoor air-conditioned bridges connecting The Parisian and The Venetian. To the right of the hotel is another rather new hotel, Studio City. Note: Venetian and Studio City provide more free shuttle bus routes, but the queues can sometimes be very extreme.
There are free shuttles from both main ferry piers (Macau and Taipa) coming from Hong Kong, and also mainland China border.
Taipa’s iconic attractions such as the House of Dancing Water Show inside City of Dreams and the Taipa Village are only walking distances away.

Quietness: 9/10

We went around March so it wasn’t a busy period. There was almost no one around at night, no one in the pool at all (even at 26 degrees), and despite it being a Saturday the Eiffel tower was unexpectedly empty. We walked over to The Venetian (around 5-10 mins via indoor air-conditioned connecting bridge) and as soon as we stepped into their grounds it was swamped with tours from China, queues and crowds at the Check-in desks, and an overloaded casino and foodcourt. Not something I enjoy.
Bus queues at The Parisian are not overly packed unlike the two large hotels standing next to the hotel, have provide less routes and less regularly.
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The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel tower is about 37 floors high, we got a complimentary ticket to go right to the top being a hotel guest. You can see a clear view of the hotels along the Cotai Strip, and surrounding areas. The Eiffel Tower here at the Parisian is much more similar to the Vegas Eiffel Tower in size, it changes colour at night.

House of Dancing water Show

This was the first time I finally got to watch it after having been to Macau numerous times already, we are never sure if its worth it previously. We booked the cheapest front row tickets at the stalls for around 530MOP each with a 10% discount (see tips below), two showings to choose from, 5.30pm or 8pm. If you sit on the first few rows YOU WILL GET WET! Some people put on a poncho… My DSLR also got wet so make sure you are aware of this before booking the front 3 rows – luckily they do provide you with a towel!
I strongly advise arriving much earlier than the showing time as the walk is pretty long, they have a good advertisement technique here by making you walk through the whole shopping mall before you can reach the theatre. And then you can buy popcorn before the show.
For sure, I felt the show was definitely worth the price paid. The show left me in awe, not everyday do you see acrobats dancing above water, and you will also be humiliated by the level of wetness you may get from the show! 

Tips for Macau:

  • Take the air-conditioned free shuttles around Macau, especially during summer (hotel hopping whilst you’re there) to save money on taxi and travelling around the city. Particularly, most large hotels (especially Studio City, Venetian) all provide free shuttles to main tourist locations, eg. the Cotai Central bus will provide a stop to most of the Sands hotels along the Cotai Strip.
  • Join the City of Dreams membership (free) at the stalls or inside City of Dreams to get an additional 10% off tickets for House of Dancing Water show on the day at their kiosk, the most famous acrobat show themed with water. This was beautiful to watch and worth every penny!
  • Take a ferry to Taipa (Macau Island is across the other side of the river) from Hong Kong if you want a shorter journey and to see a much newer ferry terminal.
  • At night the Eiffel Tower lights up and changes colour. During the day you can go inside the Eiffel Tower to see a view of Macau.
  • If you are feeling spontaneous, take a helicopter over to Macau from Hong Kong!


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