The first ever Muji Hotel, Shenzhen

Muji Hotel, Shenzhen 

22.5438° N, 114.0730° E

Opening in February 2018, it’s a big interest to discover a hotel near our city full of Muji products! The hotel’s theme is ‘minimalist interior design‘, and it was minimal for sure but a comfortable one with some interesting touches.


The room booked was ‘ Type C 38~39m ‘, medium size and medium priced – which is very spacious for two. It has a sofa area, bath tub with rain shower and a normal shower head.  You will also have a view of some newly built apartments opposite, in-fact the whole area is in new development.

Majority of the rooms are similar, just different in sizes and price accordingly. If you’re on a budget book the cheapest one on their website (around 980RMB)! They all look the same in my opinion :p


The fun stuff:

To start, curtains automatically draw open when you first enter the room. There is a CD player (connected room stereo) with Muji selected songs which we put on immediately – these two extra touches we found very cute.

JAPANESE TOILETS! Warm seats with different noise and flush levels, Japanese toilets win me every-time.

The room was minimal with some basic amenities –

KEEPABLE: Muji slippers (worth RRP 580RMB if you buy in the Muji store), Muji Pen, Toothbrushes,  Vanity kit, Coffee, Muji water etc.

Non Keepable: hair dryer, bath soap shampoo conditioner, SUPER soft bath/hair/face towels, Muji cotton lined beds.


Quietness level : 10/10.

This was a very quiet hotel at most times, apart from when there are people in the corridors (which we found not very often, perhaps because it’s not well known yet?). The whole area itself is a very new build, a completely different side of China/Shenzhen you see gradually increasing as the country develops. The mall right next to it (named Upperhills) is a beautiful modern mall which has not fully opened yet(as of 2018) but has a very packed food court everyday.

Convenience and Location: 6/10

The hotel is next to an entrance of the mall, so it will be very convenient when it fully opens all the stores, however is not very near the metro station. We took a taxi from GangXia North there with a total of 13RMB only, around 25-30 mins walk otherwise (which would be difficult in the 35 degree summer heat with a suitcase). There wasn’t much to do in the area as of April 2018, so we did a staycation, and ate inside the Muji Restaurant for the one night stay.


PLEASE NOTE : Google Maps was showing the wrong location of this hotel, and it took us a while to find. The address is ‘ 5001 Huanggang Rd, Futian Qu, Shenzhen China, 518000’ but Huanggang  Road is very long, and we found it wasn’t actually on this road. The hotel is behind Upperhills Mall, with the coordinates of 22.5438° N, 114.0730° E.

The area itself does not have much local food, only new builds. Don’t expect a lot of cheap shopping, if you want to go shopping Old Street(Dongmen) is only a few stops away via the metro.

CHINA VISA: We travelled from Lo Wu station from Hong Kong ,  you can get an arrival 72 hour Shenzhen visa at Lo Wu station if you hold a UK / American passport if you travel via Hong Kong – we paid 314RMB, or you can use the pink China card if have one. However if you have a pink China card the hotel is much closer to Huanggang Port!

More China Visa info at:


RESTAURANT to the left, lift in front. This is their simple lobby next to check in counters

Other Facilities: 7/10.  

There is a large 2 floor Muji store attached to this hotel, selling a very large range of their products from hangers to mattress’s to shoes.

A Muji restaurant(very reasonable prices), breakfast included as a package if purchased on website.


A very basic gym.

IMG_0462IMG_0458A common area with a bookcase, very quiet, and very chilled. (ps. this Muji book is everywhere, almost like playing Where’sWally)


In summary

This hotel is perfect for anyone who likes modern, minimalist, quiet and and clean staying over in Shenzhen (for massage, for shopping, business whatever your reason). We definitely enjoyed the quietness, spaciousness and the fresher air from Hong Kong! The hotel is also very clean, new and modern so we had no problems with bed bugs unlike previous hotels in this area. The room smells relaxing, we had a very good nights sleep and a chilled time listening to the CD or TV (Yes they have English channels) and there was plenty of space inside the room. We purchased a lot of snacks and it was a lovely close-by getaway without flying from busy Hong Kong.

However, the staff’s English is not very good. When we got lost they couldn’t give directions in English, so I spoke to them in Mandarin and Cantonese, in which I felt the receptionist generally was not very well mannered (my personal opinion).


Please remember to reserve time for crossing boarder and doing Visa’s, and remember that IG FB Whatsapp and Google doesn’t work in China unless you have a VPN!

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  1. Stephanie Yt
    June 5, 2018 / 10:51 pm

    I love Muji the Brand!! So cool seeing this hotel from your perspective girl – on my bucketlist now!!


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