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Asia Pacific Resort (Beitou Branch)


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Disclaimer: Please note this article is NOT sponsored, we paid in full to enjoy when the hotel was newly open. However by clicking on the affiliated links I may receive a small commission via affiliate websites.

If you’re looking for that perfect chilled out hot spring retreat in Taipei, I would highly recommend this large modern Onsen resort, situated in the volcanic hot spring area of Beitou – North of Taipei City.  This large Japanese-zen themed 72,000 square feet Asia Pacific Resort Beitou (  consists of 140 rooms surrounded by bamboo trees opened in December 2017, filling your bathroom with a private onsen freshly pumped from hot springs inside the ground.

So what are hot springs for?

Just incase you’re unsure, let me explain briefly. Im no expert, but this milky water is said to improve on blood circulation and lower physical exhaustion from daily activities. It also has benefits of skin softening!


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A few of my favourites things I find UNIQUE about this hotel:

1. Hot Spring water supplied to each individual room 

Many of the hotels in Beitou area (and in general) only have a shared hot bath. If you or your partner have tattoo, the tattooed body cannot enter a public/shared bath. On top of this you cant enjoy it together with an opposite sex partner.

Apart from this, other additional benefits of your own personal hot spring bath includes –

  • walking around naked in your own room to cool down before and after
  • the glass room can also be used as a sauna/steamer after as it keeps heat in
  • setting your own desired temperature of the water- the duck is a floating thermometer!
  • there is mountain views from your room, higher than the ones in the public area

2. Very modern and spacious

Since the hotel opened in 2018, the hotel is super modern and clean, perfect for OCD freaks like myself. Despite it being further from the MTR station than most of the older hot spring hotels on the route, there is a lot of space up here so you will feel more luxurious and notice a quieter surrounding.


3. Six public hot springs

Yes that’s correct! Incase one in your room isn’t eough, there are 3 additional public hot springs for female, and 3 for males, each at a different temperature. The hottest one is outside of the shared area. You will also find a sauna here.

4. Family friendly hotel

So what about if you were having a staycation, what else is there to do here? Well the swimming pool for children when adults want to enjoy the hot springs inclusive of large floaties and readily blown up included in large pool. There is also a bar and sunbeds around the pool for adults.

There is also a games floor (LOHAS world) including specifically a kids room, AR, VR games, VR cycling, table football and air hockey for those of all ages who want to play.

Spa facilities are mentioned below at point 7.

5. Private hot spring rooms for rental (for non-hotel residents)

You don’t have to be a resident here to enjoy the baths here, you can rent a room with a hot spring bath. Please see website for details and prices.


6. Packages can include both dinner and breakfast in the restaurant on 7th floor

If you check out earlier than the designated breakfast time (which I believe is 7am-11am) you can request for a lunch box to be taken away that morning. If you want a staycation at this hotel instead of going into the city, you can have dinner here also in a hotel package price.

7. Spa house facilities and VIP rooms for those who want to take relaxation further

I was lucky to experience an aromatic deep muscle massage here at APH. After a soak in hot springs, this is perfect to help to deeply relax from stress, insulate yourself from the busy city and calming your sleep even further.

8. Free regular private shuttle from Beitou Station (main Red MRT Line) and XinBeitou (New Beitou town)

Since the resort is in a quieter area above the mountains, if you are coming from the city via the Red line (main stations include Shi Lin, Taipei 101, Taipei Main station), I would take the free shuttle from Beitou station to save the walk up the mountains. 


  • Tattoos are allowed in the public hot springs at this hotel (but usually are not at most other hotels)
  • A shower should be taken before entering the public hot springs as common courtesy
  • The busiest time of year are during the cold winter months, when everyone wants to soak up some heat and boost their blood circulation and immune system.


So whats the different between Japanese Onsens and Taipei’s Hot Springs? I would say that mainly Beitou is much easier to get to and still in Taipei city, Japan has many Onsen towns to choose from and rather far out from the city.


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Things to do nearby:

Beitou Thermal Valley (hell valley, photo above) – a steaming and sulphur smelling and opaque baby turquoise in colour natural valley

Beitou Hot Spring Museum –  a museum with the history of those who are interested. Please note you cannot bathe here

Beitou Nightmarket – although not as big or famous as ShiLin night market, why not go to both?

Beitou Public Library – a pretty looking library and a landmark of Taipei

Millennium Hot Spring – the public bathhouse consisting of 4 different spring pools, mainly for locals going for a dip as it’s much cheaper than private hot springs.


Asia Pacific Resort. No. 21-2, Yinguang Lane, Wenquan Rd,  Beitou District, Taipei. Tel: [886-2] 2898-3088



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  1. Jen Ng
    May 26, 2018 / 6:36 pm

    This hotel looks amazing! Looks so clean! How is the hot spring? I’ve heard it’s quite weird smelling!

    • admin
      June 3, 2018 / 9:36 am

      The hot spring smells like sulphur!! (a bit like egg :p)

  2. Gray syu
    May 30, 2018 / 7:18 am


    • admin
      June 3, 2018 / 6:26 am

      是的!! 🙂

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