South Taiwan – Kaohsiung, Lotus Temple photo post


Lotus Pond

22.6833° N, 120.2967° E


Being only one hour away from Hong Kong , Kaohsiung has some breathtaking hidden beauties floating on the peaceful South of Taiwan.


For as long as I’ve remembered, the annual July/August trip with the grandparents for their birthdays we would always try to travel somewhere new. This year we did a trip across the stretch of Taiwan from North to South with my brother too, seeing the differences in food and culture – and the most photogenic landscape that impressed me was the Lotus Pond in Kaohsiung. For other places in Taiwan please check the Menu! The large pond itself is man-made but what’s most impressive is that over twenty of the temples here are  almost always covered by lotus blossom!


If you ever come to the south of Taiwan,  come visit the Dragon and Tiger temple! Not only is it remarkably colourful, even from calmest reflection in the pond- but it also is a sign of luck to enter through a dragons mouth and to exit through a tigers in Taiwan. There are also many other beautiful temples across this large span of a pond, which isn’t very busy or touristy to stroll along, being more beautiful to gaze upon during sunset hours.

After wondering along this pond you can return to the city centre to find food via the famous LiuHe 六合 night market in Kaohsiung, or to see the world’s most beautiful underground station at Formosa Boulevard MRT Station 美麗島站. – On my Instagram stories and photo below!


Photo: Formosa Boulevard MRT Station


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