Elephant Mountain Hike, Taipei

Nangang District Hiking Trail



25.0272° N, 121.5765° E

One of the free best views of Taipei… ‘Elephant Mountain’, known Nangang District Hiking Trail or as Xiangshan (象山)! This hike is about half an hour up (if you are in good shape, possibly longer in Summer!) from the start of the staircase to the best viewpoint of Taipei and 101. It shouldn’t take any longer than 3 hours up and down, so can easily be done in a morning if you have things to do the rest of the day! The best time to go up is around 4.30pm so you can catch both daylight view of the city, sunset and a night-view. During weekends and public holidays it can be really busy, so weekdays are the best time to go!

Taipei 101 was one of the tallest buildings in the world during 2004 to 2011.

Details: Majority of the hike is steps, so you will see many elderly increasing their stamina along the way. The mountain itself can reach very long and far if you want to go further. There are many elephant shaped benches for you to rest on! Bring a whole bottle of water if you are hiking on a hot day.


How to get there (


Take exit 2 from this station, one stop after Taipei 101 station. You will see signs on the left pointing towards for hiking trail. Continue left until you go past the basketball court to your left, then curving up with a park on the right. Once you get to the top of this road, take a right around a curve, and you will see the start of the hike. If you get lost click on Google map above!


Starting from the base of Taipei 101, head onto section 5 of Xinyi Road. Walk East towards Songren road, turning a right. Go through some smaller roads where to the left you will see Taipei 101 and some cute roads (photo above), then the start of the trail to your right (photo below).



This is the start of the hike:

When you reach the first fork, remember the take the stairs on the right path, until you reach the first viewpoint which looks like this:

From this first viewpoint you will see a closer view of Taipei 101 and its surroundings. Follow the signs for ‘the six giant rocks’, which will be directly up the stairs behind you.

Not long now! Keep taking those steps upwards until you see this large rock (which says Elephant Mountain), and you have reached the main viewpoint!

Just behind this signature rock are I believe 6 large rocks where most people take photos on. The view looks like this:

 This view can be seen and taken from the rock (middle rock from photo below with many carvings):


If you want to keep hiking and do more exercise the map shows how far this mountain can reach. Just behind the right of the rocks is a rest area with more viewing points, be sure to rest here and take a breathtaking view!

Smile and snap up! Take the same way back down the mountain, and be sure to head down Xinyi district for some dinner after!


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