The Ritz Carlton, Kuala Lumpur – HOTEL REVIEW

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Dancing my way in and out of the spiral lobby

When you enter the official grounds of Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur , you will easily discover yourself to be in the easiest place to do a staycation, even during stormy periods like one of the days we had during our stay in KL.

As we walked beneath the glistening chandelier towards the check-in counter, after being welcomed by the men in tuxedos, I was wondering how my one bedroom suite would look like! The lobby was situated on the first floor, where you have to walk past a luxurious common area with live music playing (at night), then The Library before reaching the lifts to your room.

Large space at check-in counters
Walking towards lift to reach our room

One bedroom suite

Reaching our room, after taking a trip around the hotel, we heard a polite knock on the door. To our surprise, a very sweet man stood at the door and had come to introduce himself to us as our personal butler, we were told that we are able to call him 24 hours a day during our stay! This was totally not what I was expecting, for a city hotel!

Our one bedroom suite consisted of a lounge area with TV, two bathrooms, a walk in wardrobe, and a bedroom with large TV – this shot is dark as it was taken at night


There are two options for breakfast. You can either have the buffet in the Cobalt room – a brightly lit large dining room serving a very good range of international food for breakfast (served from 6.30am – 10.30am), or you may choose to have breakfast brought to your bed by your butler (24 hours)! Can you guess which we chose? Of course we had to try both options.

Breakfast brought to my bed by butler! I clearly woke up like this.

Pool and Spa

I was very honored to be invited to receive a 1.5 hour ‘sensory sound bath’, a deep tissue massage inspired by Thai and Tui Na techniques, where the floor has mini vibrations. The masseuse uses hot stones under her palms to roll them along your back in a dark room with lit stars on the ceiling inside Spa Village. Recieving a massage at 10am in the morning really relaxed and prepared me for the long day I had ahead!

Thinking about what to eat later

Right next to Spa Village you will see a tropical themed pool in the heart of a busy city! There are palm trees reaching over, flowing waterfalls and two parts to the pool. We really enjoyed listening to the sounds of flowing water whilst sunbathing and eating apples.


For lunch, we were very excited to try the Dim Sum at Li Yen; their award-winning signature restaurant, famous for their Abalone Siu Mai and suckling pig! Unfortunately, there was only two of us and we were still pretty full from our massive breakfast so we decided not to waste the piggy. The food was authentic Cantonese cuisine and the tea was premium yet refilled very often. The restaurant setting was very traditional Chinese, and the waitresses were the sweetest girls in the hotel I had met! They didn’t even know we were guests at the hotel and thought I was Japanese, which made my day.

High Tea

mmm warm scones

Tea time in the afternoon at The Lobby Lounge, when it was thunder-storming outside! Initially, we planned to go to Batu Caves but the weather didn’t permit so we stayed in to enjoy some tea whilst enjoying their live band, just as good! Warm scones and a large range of teas served in this teal coloured room, here you also see many other girls enjoying their tea sets!


Last but not least, dinner was served at The Library, a western cuisine along with a romantic modern art setting, bookshelves of books you can read about art and travel, with the menu crafted by YTL Corporate Executive Chef Wai for a perfect evening, feeding to ears to some live music.

So what’s nearby?

About 15 minutes walk away, you will find yourself standing beneath the Petrona Twin Towers, exact location of this shot will be on my next blog post. Stay tuned!

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